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HeartBeat Records, the Premier Catholic Music Distributor

CatholiCity, the Ultimate for Catholic Resources

Catholic Marketing Network, the Ultimate Organization for Catholic Retailers and Trade Show Information

Annual, Holy Eucharistic Convention in New Zealand

CDBaby, Music Distributor and Retailer

Donna Lee, Friend and Catholic Artist, CA

Lynn Geyer, Friend and Catholic Artist, NY

Maureen and Bill Hayes, Catholic Artists, Sound Engineers, and Friends, NY

Gretchen Harris, Friend and Catholic Artist, CA

The Blue Army, Promoters of Love for Our Lady

Fr. Stan Fortuna, Priest, Friend, and Catholic Artist-the "Rap" Priest, NY

Catholic.Org, the Site for Catholic Resources

St. Therese of Lisieux Site, with Information on Her Life

Imagine Audio and Media, formerly Heid Productions, A-Z of Production, Replication, and Packaging of Your Music

Incredible selection of Gregorian Chant music

Datafellows.Com, Virus Control Site

Parma, Ohio, My Hometown, and All Its Happenings

Shareware, Free Software

Goldwave Sound

Kelley Services, Find Out Your Car's "Blue Book Value"

The Ultimate Resource for Broadway Musicals

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